It wasn’t hard for Debbie and Malcolm to choose a venue. Being brought up in Naxxar, Villa Arrigo, was an easy choice for them. They both love the venue for what it is and because they offer professional service. I must admit Villa Arrigo is one of the venues that I like working at. There are 3 main areas where one could enjoy this celebration with loved ones. Above all the venue has ample of space for a sit-down or a stand up reception. Therefor, they have decided to have a stand up reception.

With everything happening all in one day, for instance, getting ready with the bridal party, one can get very overwhelmed. However, most thing that both Debbie & Malcolm where looking forward to was the celebration of this special day with all their friends and family.  People from work, family members and all their friends where all looking forward for this day to arrive.

Debbie worked as a travel agent so she wanted something to represent her line of work. Therefor, the wedding favours where in a small suitcase. To top it all up the guests had a world map to fill in with all their wishes during this celebration.

Debbie & Malcolm said ”Desiree and Laureen proved themselves on the day as they were there for anything we needed! Where I failed to think of something, they were there to improvise and have not failed to impress!! I just want to do it all over again! Even if you think you are going to see imperfections, with a wedding planner around, nothing feels more perfect!!”